Android and iOS Apps developed specifically for Tertiary Centers and their Referring Hospitals:

  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Eliminates the need to soly rely on verbal description
  • Allows the accepting physicians to easily view high-resolution clinical images to make better decisions regarding patient care and triage
  • Enables the physician to assess patients within seconds from any location
  • Minimizes disruptions to physicians by providing all relevant data quickly and efficiently
  • Decreases/eliminates over and under triage
  • Saves the Tertiary Center and Referring Hospitals money
  • Saves patients/families unnecessary travel expense by limiting transfer to only those that are vital
  • Allows for providing better patient care and improved outcomes
  • Automatically tracks statistics regarding patient transfers
  • Maximizes the efficiency of marketing dollars
  • Strengthens relationship with referring facilities by using leading technology to remove common points of inefficiency from the transfer process